Sinners Among Saints

Episode 31: Cold Case Edition 1

April 07, 2023 Megan and Lindsay Season 1 Episode 31
Sinners Among Saints
Episode 31: Cold Case Edition 1
Show Notes

Welcome to our very first cold case edition!! We had a request for the Johanna Leatherbury case and once I realized there wasn't a lot of information I decided to put together a compilation of Utah cold cases. In this episode we cover:

1. Johanna Leatherbury - Unsolved Homicide 8/20/1971
2. Ann Marie Woodward -  Unsolved Homicide 3/1/1973
3. Carolyn Yvonne Kingston - Unsolved Homicide 09/1971
4. Corazon "Cora" Cabug Parciso Frandsen - Unsolved Homicide 02/04/1978

If you have any information on cases 1,3, or 4 please contact Detective Ben Pender at 385-468-9816.
If you have any information on case 2 please contact the Moab Police Department at 435-259-8938

**This Weeks Soul Cleanse**
This week we are highlighting an awesome Utah couple who started Ink Against Cancer after the passing of their brother "Wolf", who struggled with his own cancer journey. Their website states, Ink Against Cancer is committed to support IAC-Cancer Warriors Foundation i to make changes by keeping the spirit alive and honoring the memory of our brother, our mother in law and all others whom fought cancer courageously. They hold an array of events to raise money to help the individuals and their families through this tough time. They help with anything from medical expenses to concert tickets. If you would like to donate or volunteer you can head on over to their website at You can also email them at or call them at 801-554-3481

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